Favourites to Win the Champions League with Bet on Alfa Cyprus Betting

Europe’s top inter-club event is already back since mid-February with the round of 16. The first four games have already taken place, and the remaining four are going to take place this week.


Recent Champions League results


Tuesday 15/2/2022


Paris Saint-Germain – Real Madrid 1-0

Sporting Lisbon – Manchester City 0-5


Wednesday 16/2/2022

Salzburg – Bayern 1-1

Inter – Liverpool 0-2


Upcoming Champions League fixtures

Tuesday 22/2/2022

Chelsea – Lille 2-0

Villarreal – Juventus 1-1


Wednesday 23/2/2022

Atletico Madrid – Manchester United

Benfica – Ajax


Winning the Champions League 2021/2022

Manchester City, after its great victory over Sporting Lisbon in an away game, with a score of 5-0, is considered to be the top favourite to win this year’s UEFA title. Next in line is Liverpool, which beat Inter, away, with a score of 2-0. Third comes Bayern Munich, since its first match away from home with Salzburg was a 1-1 tie. Although they fell back early in the game, the team finally managed to equalize during the last minutes. Paris Saint-Germain beat Real 1-0, with a goal by Kylian Mbappe in the delays. As a result, the qualification will be judged in the replay game in Madrid.


Bet on Alfa odds on long-term bets for the winning team of the Champions League season 2021-2022:

Manchester City 3.20

Liverpool 4.80

Bayern Munich 5.20

Paris Saint-Germain 7.80

Chelsea 9.00

Ajax 16.00

Manchester United. 20

Real Madrid 26.00

Juventus 26.00

Atletico Madrid 40.00

Villarreal 150.00

Salzburg 190.00

Sporting Lisbon 200.00

Lille 200.00

Inter 200.00

Benfica 200.00


Top Scorer of the Champions League

The big favourite for this year’s Champions League top scorer title is Robert Lewandowski of Bayern, who has already scored 9 goals. Haller of Ajax has already scored 10 goals; however, he is second in the series of the favourites. Last but not least in the top three is Salah of Liverpool, who has scored 8 goals.


Bet on Alfa odds on long-term bets for the top scorer of the 2021-2022 Champions League season:

Robert Lewandowski 1.53

Haller Sebastien 3.30

Salah 7.00

Cristiano Ronaldo 19.00

Messi 26.00

Kylian Mbappe 27.00

Karim Benzema 33.00

Mahrez 40.00

Leroy Sane 71.00

Antoine Griezmann 84.00

Dybala 98.00

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Author: Ray Henry