What Cash Out is and how it works – Bet on Alfa

The Cash Out feature allows players to settle or “close” bets without the need to wait until all the matches in their bet slip are over. It works both for single bets, as well as cumulative bets.

Cash Out can also be used in pre-game selections, as well as live betting, and offers the opportunity to redeem your winnings, without having to wait and risking any more.

The amount of money that someone gets from Cashing Out is determined by the odds of the selections in the bet slip at the moment that the player decides to Cash Out. This sum is constantly changing. As time goes by, if the odds look to be confirmed, then the amount offered by Cashing Out is also increased. When the odds go down, the same applies to the total amount that is expected to be paid.

It’s available in selected markets and matches.

There’s a slight delay between clicking the Cash Out button and the confirmation of the request. If odds change in the meantime, then the amount of money to be redeemed also changes. In this case, the player has to accept the new amount.

When Cash Out is performed and completed, the amount of money that was redeemed is added to the balance of the player and is immediately available for his/her next bets.

It’s a common case that someone “closes” a bet slip just before it is over, to use the amount won for another bet slip.

It’s a great relief to Cash Out and redeem a bet slip that would eventually lose!

Just think of how many times you lost a cumulative bet for just a single match, where there was an unexpected development during the last few minutes.

By using Cash Out, you’re not required to wait until everything is over. You just make the decision to Cash Out and the amount of money won is credited to your player account, without even caring what the final result of the bet is. You just become a spectator, until everything is over!

You’ve bet €10 on the winner of a match at 2.00 odds. The match is not leaning towards a clear winner, but the team that you selected leads the match 1-0. Under different circumstances, you would wait until the end of the match to see the result of your bet.

If in this ambiguous game the opposing team scores to draw or even takes the lead and eventually wins, you will lose the bet, while you could have received most of your winnings.

You could have Cashed Out at some point and gotten €17. That’ s actually less than the €20 that you would have gotten if you had waited until the end of the match, if the team that you supported finally won. However, this money is guaranteed profit at that exact moment and you also avoid unpleasant surprises of a potential draw or even a win for the opposing team.

Of course, you don’t need to bet any extra money to use the Cash Out feature. You can take advantage of this feature whenever you think it is necessary, and wherever it is available. In order to see which of your bets are available for Cash Out, just select the Cash Out option in your bet slip.

Author: Ray Henry